Racking Self Assessment Chart


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The racking self-assessment chart helps you to carry out safety checks in a structured way with a checklist for potential issues & regulations to adhere to, aiding efficiency and time management. With its write-on wipe-off surface, the chart can be updated many times.

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The non-adhesive backed racking self-assessment chart can be mounted to various surfaces with a method of your choice. The chart enables regular, structured inspection checks of your racking. It is clearly evident for all to see when the last check was done and helps to highlight any issues.

As an employer, it is vital you have a system in place that can be performed in a structured way and to know your responsibilities. The rise of buying used racking also means that as an employer you take on the responsibilities of these regulations and for all employees’ safety.

These low-cost charts help to put into place a simple-to-follow, check system

Chart dimensions 900mm high x 690mm wide