PSS Premierack PR95

Discontinued racking

Due to low demand, PSS has decided to discontinue their Premierack PR95 pallet rack system effective 31st March 2022.

Spares can be ordered before the deadline, however new components for the Premierack PR 95 pallet rack system will be unavailable to purchase after this time.

Customers can prolong the life of their existing Premierack PR95 racking with our FURS (Front Upright Reinforcement Section) repair service.

The FURS system replaces only the damaged portion of the racking upright, reducing repair costs as well as reinforcing the upright for greater longevity.

If you need advice on what you can do with your Premierack PR95 racking, get in touch with our team on 01226 78 44 88 or email

Read more about our repair and maintenance services here.

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