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Rack Group is the UK's leading provider of warehouse racking solutions that focus on prolonging the life and safety of racking.

Throughout our forty years in business, we've been providing time and cost-saving racking services to many of the biggest household names across the UK. We've built a market-leading reputation for being fast and responsive, while ensuring our customer remain safe, operational and compliant.

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  • Prolong the life of your racking and warehouse operations with specialist impact protection.
  • Reduce your repair bills by protecting your industrial storage equipment before damage occurs.
  • Protect your assets and your people from serious damage caused by racking collapses.

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Rack Armour® Size Guide

Need help finding the Rack Armour® size for your racking? This handy size guide will help find your perfect racking upright guard. Download the guide here.

Rack Group Inspections And Training

What Does a Typical Rack Training Day Look Like

Training your employees to recognise the dangers of your pallet racks is crucial to ensuring that everyone is safe in the workplace environment.

Rack Group Racking Inspection Kit Website

NEW Racking Inspection Kits

Do you regularly inspect your warehouse racking? Ensure you have the right inspection equipment to do so efficiently.

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