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Save time and money on racking repairs that are efficient and sustainable.

Racking systems are constantly under attack by fork lift trucks and inevitably racking damage does occur. Repairs can often be extremely costly and time consuming, which is why our goal is always to find the best solution for our customers - which usually means the most cost-effective and long-lasting repair solution.

With over 40 years’ of experience providing market-leading racking maintenance and repairs, we are a trusted by companies of every size and across many sectors to minimise their downtime and keep them safe.

Rack Group is the one stop provider for your warehouse racking system and impact barrier maintenance. We service all types of racking, provide engineering studies to troubleshoot ongoing problems, and service contracts for part or an entire facility.

We have a team of highly qualified engineers and a wide range of stock for instant repairs, so contact us for a quote today.
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We can quote repairs based on your latest inspection report, from any supplier.


Not all repair jobs require a site visit for a quote. Send us photos of the damaged sections and our team will provide a same day quote.

Racking damage is usually categorised into three levels of risk.

According to the SEMA code of practice, racking damage is either RED, AMBER, or GREEN risk.

These categories will be highlighted in your inspection report. Don't have a recent report? Book your next racking inspection here.

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We can quote repairs based on your latest inspection report, from any supplier.


Common types of racking damage

These racking hazards are often identified in inspection reports.

Rack Group can repair all sorts of damage with your warehouse racking system to ensure your workplace remains safe with OEM parts.

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Base Plates

Beam End Connectors

Weight Load Notices

Dislodging / Bolts

Rust / Corrosion

Anti-Collapse Mesh

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Maintenance and Repairs News

Racking Repairs and Training Rack Group

Racking Repairs Traffic Light Code

SEMA categorise racking damage in three levels of risk. Find out what steps you need to take with the damage found in your warehouse.

Load Signs

Weight Load Notices

Key information you need to know about racking Weight Load Notices to display your safe working loads and keep your warehouse safe.

Racking Collapse Shrewsbury   Image Source Aaron Chown SWNS Copy

Causes of Racking Damage

Racking damage and how to prevent serious accidents. Here we cover the most common reasons for racking damage and how to prevent them.