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Racking needs to be inspected regularly for faults to meet UK legislation

Does your team have the training to know what to look for?

The PRRS (person responsible for racking safety)
“Should ensure that inspections are made at weekly or other regular intervals based on risk assessment.”

(HSG 76, Section 645. Warehousing and Storage: A Guide to Health and Safety)

Does your team understand what to look for and why?

Anything can happen to your warehouse in between annual inspections, why leave it to chance? Regular internal checks of your racking ensures that it stays safe to support your stock and remains structurally sound.

What will you gain from our training courses?

  • Improve the day-to-day safety of your warehouse and personnel.
  • Complete a safe and effective pallet racking inspection in a live warehouse setting.
  • Understand the need to record findings and to have the complete ‘paper trail’.
  • Understanding of SEMA guidelines, Health and Safety legislation and EN15635 standards.

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Does your team have the skills to repair and reduce racking risk?

Our comprehensive racking maintenance training provides your team with the skills and knowledge required for them to safely carry out repairs on damaged racking systems with confidence, our trainers are all highly experienced ex installers. In house repair skills means you can minimise production downtime and your repair costs long term, by addressing damage when it happens.

What will you gain from our training courses?

  • Skills and knowledge to safely carry out basic repairs to pallet racking systems.
  • Thorough understanding of your system and components.
  • Safe systems of work, risk assessments and legal issues associated with pallet racking maintenance.
  • Requirements of the EN15635 Standards and the SEMA code of practice

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Why use Rack Group Training?

Courses 'Assured by RoSPA Qualifications'

Assured by RoSPA Qualifications, provides a stamp of assurance that our courses meet the highest standards in health and safety. This also confirms the quality and relevance of our training programs, are pitched at the appropriate level and delivered with excellence.

Industry Expertise

With four decades of industry experience under our belt, our level of knowledge is unsurpassed. Rack Group trainers boast extensive expertise in their respective fields, guaranteeing top-notch training sessions. Learn from former installers and seasoned SEMA qualified inspectors.

Tailored Onsite Training

Our training programs are meticulously designed to allocate time in warehouse settings and provide hands-on training in real-world environments. Whether it's at our dedicated training centre or your workplace, we can customise the training to your unique work environment.

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