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Racking Safety Services March 2022

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We offer inspections that satisfy SEMA guidelines as well as PUWER / EN 15635.

We also offer 3 year fixed prices on annual inspections! Just ask a member of the team for more information.

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What type of racking inspection do I need?

This depends on whether you need a regular (usually weekly) inspection or an expert (annual) inspection.

Annual expert inspections are usually carried out by third party companies. There is currently no legislation that tells you the type of inspection you need.

Some insurance companies will ask you to have a specific inspection carried out annually. This is likely to be compliant with either SEMA or PUWER guidelines.

If your insurance company does not specify, then the choice is yours to make.

Each inspection we offer ensures your racking is compliant with current legislation.

What’s included?SEMA Standard InspectionPUWER / EN15635 InspectionRegular Visual Inspection
Conducted by an IOSH qualified inspector
Same-day serious damage report
Available on a 3 year fixed rate?
Meets EN15635 requirement for expert inspection
Includes detailed components specification
Includes recommendations
Includes comments and observations
Conducted by a SEMA Approved Rack Inspector
Includes 2D layout drawing of installation

Did you know? Regular visual inspections can be carried out by a member of your own team, they just need to have sufficient training to know what to look for and what actions to take. If you’d like to get your team trained up, check out our range of training courses here.

Prefer to use a supplier? Get in touch with our team to schedule your regular visual inspection.

Find out more about regulations and legislation surrounding storage equipment:

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UK legislation: racking and storage equipment inspections

The UK has numerous safety standards for work equipment, which includes guidance on how to maintain racking.

We aim to make things simple by breaking down the key information you need to know:

Are racking inspections mandatory?


UK legislation: racking and storage equipment inspections


What is En 15636?


As most companies do not have the technically trained staff to carry out expert inspections, they use a third party racking inspection company instead.

We can provide training for your team
to help them identify damage early

How much does a racking inspection cost?

The cost of a racking inspection will depend on the type of inspection you need. Costs will also vary depending on the type and size of your storage system.

You can get an idea of cost by sending us some key information using this contact form.

Fix the cost of your annual inspection with our 3 year price agreements. Payment is due at the time of each inspection. No additional fees, just peace of mind that your costs won’t increase.

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Want to fix the cost of your annual inspection for 3 years? Simply let our team know and we will send you a reminder when your next inspection is due. Read more about our fixed price racking inspections.

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