IWS Group,  has impact tested its Brandsafe® range of polymer safety barriers according to the rigorous PAS 13 code of practice, which has been third-party accredited by TÜV Nord, an internationally recognised seal of quality.

The testing process measures the impact resilience of these barriers, enabling customers to make informed choices about the right systems for their needs. By adhering to PAS 13, IWS Group is among a select few companies committed to the highest safety benchmark in the industry today.

Testing of the barrier range took place in April 2023 at an IWS subsidiary,  Rack Group in Barnsley, where the barriers are designed and manufactured. A custom-built pendulum was used to strike the barriers at various points to measure the resilience of the barrier. How much force the barrier could take, as well as how much it deflected, was recorded on-site using high-spec measuring equipment.

Commenting on what the testing means for customers, Susy Keating, MD at Brandsafe said, “This testing is an important step for customers looking to purchase impact protection barriers for their workplace. Knowing what impact forces a barrier can take, as well as ensuring that data is independently certified by a reputable third party, is a vital factor in choosing the right barrier. For too long impact protection has been over-engineered, over-priced and overly complicated. It’s time to reset the bar on what impact protection ultimately comes down to, which is keeping people and products safe.”

Stuart Ovington, MD of Rack Group said, “TÜV Nord independently verifying that our testing abided by the PAS 13 guidelines serves as a testimonial to our teams here at IWS Group, as well as the quality of our polymer barrier range. Not every barrier manufacturer undertakes product testing to this level, so we are proud to be amongst the industry leaders. Our barriers are shown to be high performing, long-lasting and can withstand greater impacts than similar, industry-leading products. In addition, we can create bespoke designs quickly to suit individual needs and, with short lead times, provide a cost-effective solution at the highest standard.”

Matt Mason, Group Design Manager at IWS Group added, “We undertook this activity to prove the capability of our barrier range and, with TÜV Nord witnessing, it confirms that our internal testing procedure adheres to the industry code of practice.

Testing is conducted on a purpose-built impact pendulum rig designed and commissioned entirely by IWS Group, which simulates real world impact energies of material handling vehicles travelling at different speeds and provides physical proof to the capability of our products.

The pendulum strikes barriers at various pre-determined locations to measure the level of energy the barriers can withstand, how much deflection they display under impact and how much force is transferred to the ground fixings and concrete. Testing also defines the distance behind barriers that is considered the ‘safe zone’ for the barrier to deflect in to, which is identified during installation of the barrier by visual floor markings.

All testing was conducted with UKAS calibrated measuring equipment such as high-speed cameras, torque wrenches, load cells and industrial weigh scales to ensure confidence in every result witnessed.”

To find out more about the Brandsafe® polymer barrier range and the impact safety testing that has been carried out, visit brandsafeprotection.com or request the technical data by emailing sales@brandsafeprotection.com.

Safety, simplified.


How are these barriers designed to withstand impact?

The flexible barrier design and polymer material are engineered to absorb the load of impact, away from a vehicle and ground fixings to reduce damage and repair time, unlike metal barriers.

The benefits from such a design means customers will lower their repairs and maintenance cost compared to metal barriers and reduce vehicle impact damage and downtime.

Maintenance is lowered as these polymer barriers don’t rust, corrode, fade or require re-painting, and only need replacing after frequent, major impacts have occurred.

They are also fully recyclable, non-toxic and suitable for use in food production and freezer environments.

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