Complete Packs – Self-Adhesive Numbers & Letters


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  • Complete packs of self-adhesive letters or numbers printed on vinyl, with 1 card for each character e.g. 0-9 = 10 cards, A-Z = 26 cards
  • The number of characters per card depends on the size you select, please see the table in the long description below
  • Clean peel self-adhesive – leaves no residue
  • Vinyl is highly visible due to the glossy colour-enhancing finish
  • Perfect for warehouses, factories, offices, storerooms, bin numbering, etc.


Self-Adhesive Numbers and Letters Packs

These packs of self-adhesive numbers and letters feature one card for each character, printed on glossy vinyl for high-visibility identification. They are simple to apply with a strong self-adhesive backing and can be quickly removed, leaving no residue.

Where Can They Be Used?

Suitable for a variety of uses:

  • Labelling of shelves, racking, bins, and other areas in the warehouse
  • Labelling files and pigeon holes etc. in the office

Additional Information

The number of characters per card depends on the size you select, please see the table below:

Ref Label Size (H x W, mm) Character Height (mm) Characters per Card Colours
F1 – Pack A-Z, or 0-6, and 8-9 9.5 x 6 6 168 Yellow or White
F2 – Pack A-Z, or 0-9 12.5 x 8.5 9 90 Yellow or White
F3 – Pack A-Z, or 0-9 19 x 14 16 36 Yellow or White
F4 – Pack A-Z, or 0-9 38 x 21 26 12 Yellow or White
F5 – Pack A-Z, or 0-9 56 x 21 50 12 Yellow or White
F6 – Pack A-Z, or 0-9 90 x 38 75 6 Yellow or White
F7 – Pack A-Z, or 0-9 130 x 45 100 5 Yellow
F8 – Pack A-Z, or 0-9 230 x 140 160 1 Yellow

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Why You'll Love This Product

  • Simple and successful – it doesn’t get easier than sticking labels on surfaces and reaping the reward of improved picking efficiency
  • Bold and bright – you can’t miss bold black digits on bright yellow or classic white vinyl
  • Easy peel self-adhesive – the labels easily peel from the backing card
  • Lasts forever – well… maybe not quite that long, but it’s pretty close!