Magnetic Self-Adhesive Strip


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  • Locates on any steel surface
  • Makes anything magnetic!
  • No drilling required
  • Industrial quality (1.5mm thickness)
  • Easily cut to size with standard household scissors
  • Has many different uses in the workplace and at home


Magnetic Self-Adhesive Strip

Our magnetic self-adhesive strip is supplied in four widths, each backed with a strong self-adhesive peel-away strip for quick adhesion to steel surfaces without a mess. No glue or drilling required!

This magnetic tape is ideal for many jobs in the warehouse, home, office, school, factory, workshop, or otherwise. Here are just a handful of the uses:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Mount important signage to steel surfaces
  • Create fridge magnets
  • Organise small tools and objects, such as sewing needles/pins, rulers, or anything lightweight and metal
  • Make your own bookmark
  • The list goes on!

How Does Magnetic Tape Work?

  1. Choose the length and width required and then easily cut to size with scissors
  2. Bend the tape in the opposing direction until it’s as straight as possible
  3. Peel off the protective film to uncover the adhesive
  4. Affix to the item you wish to mount onto a steel surface

And there you have it – four easy steps to make anything magnetic! The limits go as far as your imagination, so get creative ✨

Top Tip: More Magnetic Self-Adhesive Strips = More Strength!

Want to attach heavier objects to the magnetic tape?

Use multiple magnetic strips positioned one under the other to maximise the holding force!

Great To Combo With…

Our magnetic tape is the perfect counterpart to our self-adhesive steel tape, which allows non-metallic surfaces to accept magnetic products.

Perfect For...

Our magnetic self-adhesive strips are used for many purposes in the workplace and at home. Here's a handful of the inventive uses our customers have found...
  • Affixing temporary signage or posters in warehouses and retail sectors
  • Scrapbooks, cards, and general home crafts
  • Attach photos and postcards to your fridge
  • Create magnetic bookmarks
  • Attach a whiteboard to a steel cage
  • Replace magnets on handbags
  • Prevent bin lids from blowing open on windy days
  • Categorize tools such as screwdrivers, or even sewing pins/needles
  • Hold a drawer closed
  • Create magnetic make-up boards
  • Fix a plastic wall file to a filing cabinet
  • Hold up LED strip lights
  • Create a magnetic flap on a laptop case
  • Organise kitchen supplies, such as spice jars to the side of the fridge
  • Fix a stainless steel panel to a cupboard door
  • DIY insect screens for house or vehicle windows

Why You'll Love This Product

  • Easy to use - Cut the magnetic tape to the required size with household scissors
  • Strong adhesive - Our permanent adhesive ensures reliability in daily use
  • Make anything magnetic - The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!


What weight can the magnetic self-adhesive strip hold? Unfortunately, we can't put a set weight limit against this product as there are so many variable factors involved. However, the magnetic pull forces are outlined on the specification sheet. Will the adhesive take off wood when applied and removed? Our adhesive is high-quality and extremely strong, so it could potentially remove paint/varnish if you ever needed to remove the strip. What materials is it compatible with? This product is compatible with most steel-faced products. Is this a south pole only magnetic tape? The magnet is classed as mixed polarity. Will this rust or corrode if put outside? This product features a rubberised magnetic, so should not rust. Is this waterproof and weatherproof? As the magnetic part is rubberised, this strip should remain functional in wet weather. However, when first applied, the adhesive backing needs to be placed onto a dry surface and given time to set. Over time, the weather will eventually deteriorate the adhesive but with so many variables, it's impossible to put a timeframe against it!