Wire Mesh Shelving Clip Holder


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A wire mesh shelving clip holder designed to be used on metro and most other wire mesh shelving, pull forward front for easy loading and updating.


  • Wire mesh shelving clip holder easliy identifies locations on wire shelving
  • Pull forward front for loading & updating
  • Scan barcodes without removing them
  • Multi-position, flat or choice of 2 angled settings.

Identifying locations on wire mesh shelving is difficult as traditional magnetic or self-adhesive holders do not suit wire mesh shelving. This wire mesh shelving holder solves the problem by using a quick and easy-to-use “clip-on” system. This versatile holder can be used in three different formats straight for shelves that are eye level, approx. 33¡ for lower shelves and approx. 45¡ for the very bottom shelf enabling easy reading.

Each holder is 43mm high x 75mm wide overall, supplied in packs of 12 or 50 with white card inserts.