Rack Group and Brandsafe, both part of the IWS Group, have successfully impact tested their range of polymer safety barriers according to the PAS13 code of practice.

The testing measures the impact resilience of the barrier products, ensuring customers can confidently choose the right barrier for their industrial workplaces. By choosing to adhere to PAS13, the only code of practice for traffic management within workplace environments, IWS Group are one of only a handful of companies committing to the highest benchmark in the industry today.

Testing of the barrier range recently took place at Rack Group in Barnsley, where the barriers are designed and manufactured. A custom-built pendulum was used to strike the barriers at various points to measure the resilience of the barrier. How much force the barrier could take, as well as how much it deflected was recorded.

Commenting on what the testing means for distributors and customers, Stuart Ovington, MD of Rack Group said “This testing is an important step for distributors to be confident in providing barriers that adhere to a high standard and for customers looking to purchase impact protection barriers for their workplace. Knowing what impact forces a barrier can take, is a vital first step in choosing the right barrier. Not every barrier manufacturer undertakes testing to this standard, so we are proud to be amongst the industry leaders. We will also be shortly receiving TUV Nord, who will be attending our testing and reviewing our test data to ensure it abides by the PAS13 guidelines.”

To find out more about the polymer barrier range visit https://therackgroup.com/product-category/impact-protection


Overview of our PAS 13 testing

A weighted pendulum was used to strike the barriers at various points to measure the resilience of the barrier. How much force the barrier could take, as well as how much it deflected was recorded. These measurements enable customers to choose the right type of barrier for their warehouse, depending on the amount of impact they need to withstand. The testing also advises the distance behind the barrier that is considered the ‘safe zone’, which is identified following installation of the barrier.

  • Polymer barrier range from IWS Group has been tested in line with the PAS13 code of practice
  • Range includes pedestrian, racking and low level protections barriers, plus bollards and a metal guardrail
  • Testing took place at Rack Group Training Centre in Barnsley, where the barriers are manufactured and shipped to customers
  • Teams from IWS Group companies Brandsafe and Rack Group carried out the testing using a custom built pendulum
  • Testing took place over 5 days where each barrier was tested multiple times in accordance with PAS13, the code of practice for safety barriers
  • The barriers were hit with the pendulum at the end post and in the middle of the rail
  • High speed cameras, industrial scales and load cells were used to verify the equipment
  • PAS13 is the industry’s only code of practice that advises on the types of barriers that are suitable for use within the workplace to segregate vehicles and pedestrians. It also includes guidance on how safety barriers should be tested to demonstrate their resilience.
  • The pendulum tests are weighted to mimic the impact force experienced by material handling equipment colliding with safety barriers.




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