Rack Armour adapted to our Health and Safety process and procedure with no problems, I would recommend this product to any other company.


We had the Rack Armour system installed during the new build of our 888,000 sq ft distribution centre, the installation was flawless and now after 5 years, it has saved us tens of thousands of pounds in preventing damage to our uprights. Just looking at the Rack Armour today you can see it has taken a lot of impacts and is still doing its job. We have the lowest racking repair costs in the entire group, and Rack Armour has saved us tens of thousands of pounds in racking repair costs, so I can easily recommend to anyone that it is a very worthwhile exercise in fitting Rack Armour.


The ‘full racking service’ provided by Rack Group is world class, and takes away the worry of health and safety issues, as well as delivering fantastic commercial results both from replacement of equipment, and the introduction into all of our site of the new racking protection system ‘Rack Armour’, designed by Rack Group which has proven to reduce damage by 80%.


We have now had the Rack Armour guards installed on over 6,500 uprights for more than a week, and we have already seen a dramatic reduction in racking damage, I would wholeheartedly recommend this product to others looking for a solution that not only works, but is clearly the most cost effective product available.


We received many compliments from our auditors and our Plant Manager, we are starting to see savings on our guards maintenance already. Before we had to repair and re-paint often, now the only thing we do is clean the new Rack Armour guards with a piece of cloth every week! Awesome product, we will keep in contact!