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On Demand Webinar

Forget about understanding complicated test data, or paying for unnecessary expensive, and over-engineered impact protection – watch the webinar to see how to simplify the world of industrial safety barriers!

Watch host Steph Gentle (Marketing Director for IWS Group) and panelists
from Rack Group, Brandsafe and Anco Storage, shed light on the importance of safety barrier testing and how to make informed decisions when selecting them. In particular, the significance of PAS 13 impact rating, choosing the right impact protection for your warehouse risks, and saving on repair and maintenance costs.

Who Should Watch?

Architects and Warehouse Owners/Managers

You're searching for ways to optimise safety, operations, and space - and the Brandsafe® range of safety barriers delivers exactly this!


Have you seen the impact protection market lately? There are A LOT of products to choose from. It can be difficult to compare products and it's easy to overpay for higher levels of protection than you need. Tune in to see how the Brandsafe® barrier range cuts through the noise, so you only pay for what you need.