The Rack Group has an extensive history of supplying services to the Leeds area. Leeds itself is a continually growing region with demand in constant supply for racking needs. We deliver optimised and tailored services for any and all businesses in the region.

We have over 40 years of experience and have become one of the leaders in the industry. This has been built by delivering proven, practical and effective solutions that maximise storage space and optimise racking solutions.

Pallet Racking Services Leeds

The Rack Group’s pallet racking service works with clients to assess their storage needs and design a customised racking system that maximises space utilisation and efficiency. This involves selecting the appropriate type of pallet racking, layout, and configuration based on the client’s inventory and operational requirements.

Once the design is finalised, we install the racking system in the client’s facility. This includes installation of the racking components, securing them to the floor and walls, and ensuring that the system meets safety standards and building codes.

Our maintenance and repair will also ensure that your warehouse racking is properly maintained and fit for purpose. It is essential that it is in high working order, not only to stop any delays in work but also to ensure the safety of your staff surrounding it.

All our installations are in line with EN standards and SEMA guidelines.

Mezzanines Leeds

The Rack Group offers comprehensive services for mezzanine design, construction, and installation, all under one management team. Our extensive stock of materials and components allows us to customise solutions to meet our client’s precise specifications and budget constraints.

We prioritise creating multi-functional spaces that can adapt to evolving operational requirements. Importantly, we ensure that all our work complies with building and fire safety regulations.

Warehouse Impact Barriers Leeds

Providing Comprehensive Impact Protection Solutions

At our company, we offer a wide range of impact protection solutions designed to safeguard storage facilities, buildings, as well as the well-being of drivers and pedestrians. Our innovative approach to protection yields numerous benefits, setting us apart from traditional metal barriers:

  • Cost-Effective Maintenance: Our polymer barriers are a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal options. They require significantly lower repairs and maintenance expenses over time.
  • Vehicle Damage Reduction: Our barriers are engineered to reduce vehicle impact damage, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smoother operational flow.
  • Stringent Testing: We take safety seriously. Our barriers are rigorously tested to meet PAS 13 and are third-party accredited for their reliability and effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Safety: Our unique polymer barriers prioritize employee safety and driver protection. Their flexible design efficiently absorbs impact forces, diverting them away from both vehicles and ground fixtures, in stark contrast to conventional metal barriers.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: Unlike metal barriers that can rust, corrode, and fade, our polymer solutions are built to last. They never require repainting and remain unaffected by the elements.
  • Eco-Friendly: We care for the environment. Our polymer barriers are fully recyclable and non-toxic, plus are suitable for use in sensitive environments such as food production and freezer facilities.

Choose our polymer impact protection solutions for a cost-effective, durable, and environmentally responsible way to safeguard your assets, personnel, and operations.

Please contact us today for more information on The Rack Group’s services and warehouse products.