Sheffield is a bustling commercial area with a high demand for warehouse storage and racking applications. Over the decades The Rack Group has continually supplied the region with support be it in warehouse storage or racking services.

We have over 40 years of experience and have become one of the leaders in the industry. This has been built by delivering proven, practical and effective solutions that maximise storage space and optimise capacity.

Pallet Racking Services Sheffield

The Rack Group starts by assessing the client’s storage needs and operational requirements. We work closely with the client to understand the type of products being stored, the volume of inventory, and the workflow within the facility. This information guides the design process.

Based on the assessment, we create a customised racking system design for installation. This involves selecting the most suitable type of pallet racking, determining the layout, and configuring the system to maximise space utilisation and operational efficiency.

Once the racking system design is finalised, The Rack Group handle the installation process. This includes assembling the racking components, securing them to the floor and walls, and ensuring that the system complies with safety standards and building codes.

If you think that your warehouse racking is in need of any repairs, The Rack Group also offers maintenance and repair with a dedicated team of engineers on hand to resolve any issues.

All our installations are in line with EN standards and SEMA guidelines.

Mezzanines Sheffield

The Rack Group provides a wide range of services encompassing mezzanine design, construction, and installation, all managed by a single cohesive team. Leveraging our diverse inventory of materials and components, we can tailor solutions to align perfectly with our client’s exact requirements and financial considerations.

Our primary focus is on designing versatile spaces that can flexibly accommodate changing operational needs. We place great importance on ensuring that all our projects adhere to building and fire safety regulations.

Warehouse Impact Barriers Sheffield

We are leading manufacturers of impact protection solutions for various applications, including storage, buildings, drivers, and pedestrians, with many key benefits:

  • Cost Savings: These solutions result in lower repair and maintenance costs when compared to traditional metal barriers.
  • Vehicle Damage Reduction: They effectively reduce vehicle impact damage and minimize downtime, ensuring smoother operations.
  • Rigorous Testing: Our solutions have been rigorously tested to meet the PAS 13 and hold third-party accreditation, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness.
  • We provide bespoke designs and our lead times are in weeks, not months

Our unique polymer barriers feature a flexible design that absorbs the force of impacts, diverting it away from vehicles and floor fittings. Installation is straightforward, and they do not suffer from issues like rust, corrosion, fading, or the need for repainting. Replacement is only necessary after frequent and major impacts occur.

Additionally, these polymer barriers are fully recyclable, non-toxic, and suitable for use in food production and freezer environments, ensuring a safe and environmentally responsible solution.

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