What Does a Typical Rack Training Day Look Like?

It’s better to be safe than sorry in every situation. Employees must have the knowledge and skills to handle the entire pallet rack life cycle, including set-up, annual inspections, equipment management, and maintenance.

Why Rack Training Is Important

Warehouses are dangerous places. Accidents happen, even with all the safety measures you can imagine. So, training your employees to recognise the dangers is crucial and identify problems—and address them before anybody gets hurt and before any valuable property gets destroyed.

Training can keep your employees safe, reducing the stress on everyone, leading to a happier, more productive environment.

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A Breakdown of the Training Courses


These courses come in escalating levels and cover the knowledge needed for in-house racking inspections. The courses can be as short as two hours or as long three to six months, ending with special certifications. Here are some examples of what you’ll learn:

  • Racking types and components
  • Safe Working Load information
  • How to conduct a racking inspection
  • Allowable deflections and tolerances
  • Legal, moral and financial considerations

This ideal for team members involved in management and inspection or team members interested in inspecting industrial storage equipment.


This three to six month installation course ends with an Ofqual-regulated qualification, and covers the following modules:

  • Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace
  • Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace
  • Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace
  • Installing Industrial Pallet Racking Systems in the Workplace
  • Installing Industrial Shelving Systems in the Workplace

This course is perfect for team members already working as an installer within the industry.

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Damage and Repair

Much like our inspection courses, our Damage and Repair courses come in multiple levels according to level of complexity. They range in length from one day to three to six months. The courses focus on racking maintenance and repair of up to 12 meters depending on complexity. These courses generally cover:

  • Most commonly damaged components to racking
  • Upright and beam repairs
  • Legal issues associated with racking maintenance
  • Working at height safety

These courses are ideal for team members responsible for pallet racking maintenance and repairs. The damage and repair courses are also suitable for experienced maintenance teams working on higher level racking installations.


Our one-day course on pallet racking management covers planning and designing racking installations. It involves learning about the safe use of storage equipment on site. Some of the things you may learn about include:

  • Racking components
  • What to look for when carrying out regular checks and inspections
  • Racking structure user / operational requirements
  • Dos and don'ts around pallet racking

This course teaches you how to ensure your current system is built to the correct standards and is ideal for team members that oversee warehouse storage equipment safety.

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The right training can mean the difference between an accident that’s caught early and one that ends in tragedy. Ensure your team has the training to know what to look for.

Rack Group is the UK’s providers of warehouse racking solutions. Whether racking inspections, racking repairs, racking protection and racking training, our 40 years of experience in increasing safety whilst saving clients’ money is a testament to our commitment to get the job done right. If you want to commit your employees to a racking safety course, we can help. Get in touch with us today!

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