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Rack Group are delighted to announce the finishing touches have been made with the installation of 702 pick bin bays to the ASDA distribution centre in Doncaster. The project took four weeks to complete but the results have been outstanding!

What was previously under-utilised space is now a major picking area designed to increase picking speeds whilst also improving staff health and safety. The pick bin is ergonomically designed to reduce the stresses of bending and lifting whilst carrying out picking tasks.

Pick Bin Benefits

The adaptable dividers of Rack Group pick bin allow for maximisation of available storage within an allocated slot by breaking down valuable, empty space and turning it into an asset.

Designed to increase safety and functionality in small pick areas, Rack Group’s pick bin is an exciting product that could be a solution to your picking issues.

Rack Group Racking Pick Bin Installation
Warehouse Storage Solutions Rack Group

As Rack Group are specialists in warehouse storage equipment safety, the fundamental goal of the pick bin was to increase warehouse productivity and safety. This goal has been achieved by producing a product that lowers tensions and stresses in movement of picking staff whilst increasing the availability of storage space which is in demand. The adaptable dividers and frames enable warehouse storage space to be utilised in the most efficient way, as well as being adaptable to changing storage requirements.

Why not find out how Rack Group can improve your warehouse? We have a host of products and services which can reduce your racking damage and repair costs significantly. Over the years we have worked with the biggest names in retail to create bespoke systems and methods of keeping pallet racking repair costs to an absolute minimum, so isn't it time you contacted us?

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