Even if we employ the safest of measures, accidents still happen, especially when taking a look at industrial storage. From drops to impacts, many things can happen that will damage your things, but of course, this doesn't mean you should do nothing about it. You should still implement as many safety precautions as possible to protect your items. This can reduce the risk of damage and even the severity of damage if it does occur.

That said, if you are using racks for storage, you should also consider protecting them to ensure your system lasts as long as possible. How, you ask? With rack guards of course!

What Are Rack Guards?

Rack guards are a form of protection that you can often find on the front uprights of racks and other storage units. They generally come in several different forms and can be  attached directly to the racking, or installed on the floor directly in front of the rack. They are usually made from rubber, plastic, or metal and are designed to protect the rack from damage, whether it be from physical impact (drops, bumps, etc.),  acting as a visual warning before impact occurs, or even protecting from damage caused by liquids or chemicals.

Rack guards are also a great way of protecting the items  on the rack, as they can  be installed at the back of each beam level to prevent pallets being pushed too far.

What Kind of Rack Guards Are There?

Rack guards can come in many different shapes and sizes, but there are three main types that are the most common:

Rack End Guards - These are placed on the ends of rack enclosures, and they can be made of polyethylene, steel, or a combination of the two. These are made to  act as a visual signal to warehouse operators and absorb any impact that occurs, protecting the rack from direct damage.

Edge Guards - These are accessories that are installed on the front uprights of the rack enclosure. They are also made from polymer or metal and are intended to protect the rack and its contents from damage from pallets being moved on and off the rack.

Rail Guards – These are components that are attached to the floor in front of a racking bay, or even at the back of beams, and are often made from polymer. They are designed to prevent forklift trucks and other material handling equipment from pushing pallets too far into the rack.

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What Are the Benefits of Rack Guards?

Rack guards are a great way of protecting your items from damage. Whether it's from bumps or drops, from environmental factors, or simply from a little bit of wear and tear, these guards can really protect your investment.  They not only protect your assets from damage, they protect your warehouse operators from injury caused by damaged racking collapsing.

What Are the Drawbacks of Rack Guards?

The only real drawback of rack guards is that they can be expensive. They can add quite a bit to the overall cost of your unit, so it's important to make sure they are worth the investment. However, if you plan on keeping the rack for a long time and will be using other enclosures to protect your items, they can be a great way to protect your investment and can even help you save money in the long run!


Rack guards are a great way to protect the items within your rack, as well as the unit itself. If you are looking to protect and prolong the life of your equipment, be sure to take a look at rack guards! There are many rack guard solutions out there, so understand what they offer, how much they cost andhow you can install them to protect your assets before you make your decision. Some rack guard suppliers will even offer a free or reduced price sample of the guard for you to try before you buy.

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