IWS Group Announces Acquisition of Anco Storage Equipment Ltd

Anco Storage Equipment Ltd Joins IWS Group

We’re very excited to announce our parent company, IWS Group, has acquired Anco Storage Equipment Ltd, the largest trade-only supplier of storage solutions in the UK.

Established in 1991 in West Sussex, Anco has gained an enviable reputation for quality and service at a competitive price. Exclusively through its trade-only distribution channel, Anco offers an extensive range of over 7,000 variations of products, covering all kinds of applications from industrial racking, multi-tier projects and mezzanine flooring, to office archive storage and modular shelving. Anco stores over £3M worth of stock in their warehouse to facilitate quick turn-around times on orders.

What does this mean for Rack Group and its Customers?

Anco and its wealth of storage solutions is the perfect complement to IWS Group’s growing portfolio of innovative industrial workspace brands. This acquisition will no doubt further strengthen our product offering, resource, infrastructure, and capability, to provide our Rack Group customers not only an enhanced range offering, but provides a whole new category of products and services available to you.

Anco Now Part Of IWS Group

The IWS Group Family

About IWS Group

IWS Group is a rapidly growing family of market-leading product brands and service companies which provide essential supplies and services to the warehouse and logistics, material handling, and industrial sectors.

The group portfolio currently includes Beaverswood, Brandsafe, Rack Group, and now Anco.

Visit: www.iws.group

About Beaverswood

Beaverswood manufactures innovative products that improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the physical workspace. The Beaverswood range of warehouse safety and management products includes labelling and signage, recycling solutions, identification products and visual communication solutions.

Visit: www.beaverswood.co.uk

About Brandsafe

Brandsafe is Europe’s leading provider of high visibility impact protection and site safety for industrial buildings worldwide, such as warehouses, manufacturing sites and logistics hubs.

Its  innovative traffic management and pedestrian safety solutions are designed to sustainably prevent and protect people, products and property from impact damage.

Visit: www.brandsafeprotection.com

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A new solution for end of aisle communication

NEW shadow boards now available!

Rack Group are excited to announce a new product as part of our growing Warehouse Accessories range! Introducing the Modulean® Rack End Boards - these large shadow boards are designed for warehouse end of aisle racking systems.

Keep your warehouse organised with NEW Modulean® Rack End Boards

  • A range of standard 2000mm high x 900mm wide boards available
  • Suitable for all types of warehouse racking
  • Supplied with all products on display
  • Available with either single or double aisle markers
  • Each board is also supplied with a weight load notice


Modulean Rack End Boards 7 Varieties To Choose
Modulean Rack End Board

Available in 7 shadow board designs, each in 4 different colours

Being 2000mm high x 900mm wide, these Rack End Boards have been designed to fit warehouse end of aisle racking systems. 1100mm wide boards are also available to order to suit both sizes of pallet racking.

Each board is available with either single or double aisle markers, with easy to change inserts customised for your warehouse. Simply let us know what aisle information you need.

Supplied with the products on display including a title frame, as well as fixings, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to install a Modulean® Rack End Board.

To help you comply with regulations, a weight load notice is also included with each board, which are mandatory for all racking. Weight load notices can be printed with weight limits and information – please confirm the details you need printed. If no information is received these will be supplied blank for you to add your information using a marker pen.

Modulean Rack End Boards Brochure Download

Speak to a member of the team today.

Causes of Racking Damage

Racking damage and how to prevent serious accidents

Racking systems are vital for efficient warehouse storage and operations. Not only are they a big investment, they are also used extremely often every day. This makes them vulnerable to being hit by moving vehicles and pallets.

Minor damage might seem like a small risk initially, but left unmonitored and these little bends can worsen into serious damage.

Ignoring serious damage doesn't make the risk disappear. If left untreated, racking can buckle and collapse, causing a domino effect and knocking whole aisles of racking over.

So, what are the main causes of racking collapse?

Let's look at some of the most common reasons why racking collapses, plus tips on how to reduce the risk:

Racking Collapse Shrewsbury   Image Source Aaron Chown SWNS Copy
Splice Incorrectly Installed   Rack Group Repairs

Racking incorrectly installed

Unqualified installers can build racking incorrectly, compromising its safety. Ensure you always use a qualified, experienced racking installation company that can guarantee installation to the manufacturers instructions.

Racking uprights should always be bolted to the floor using at least two fixings per base plate. Cutting corners won't save time or money long term. Not installing racking properly will likely lead to accidents and legal cases brought against the warehouse owner.

You should also make sure you're choosing the right type of racking for your products and operations. Courtesy of Dexion, we have a handy guide on how to choose warehouse racking.

Overloaded pallets and beams

Every beam of racking has a weight load limit. These limits should be clearly displayed for warehouse teams to see. They should also have training if needed to make sure they understand, and abide by, these limits.

It is a legal requirement to display Weight Load Notice Signs on every aisle of racking. Missing, damaged, or incorrect Weight Load Notice Signs will be identified during your annual racking safety inspection. These should be installed as quickly as possible to prevent possible accidents caused by incorrect loading of pallets and beams.

Weight Load Notice Damage   Rack Group Repairs Copy
Upright Damage Rack Group Repairs

Impact from material handling equipment

MHE (Material Handling Equipment) frequently moves pallet and stock around the warehouse. Manoeuvring narrow aisles of racking with large, bulky and heavy pallets can often lead to bumps and scrapes with the racking uprights, beams and bracing.

Without barriers and guards, racking can be quite vulnerable to these types of collisions. This can lead to buckling and tears in the components, and ultimately racking collapse if left unrepaired.

Reduce this risk of racking collapse by installing racking protection barriers and guards. Check out our racking protection guide here.

Racking reconfigured and not re-inspected for safety

It's really common for warehouses to change their operations or alter capacity. One of the great benefits of using storage systems like pallet racking is that they can be reconfigured easily.

The risk here is that making any changes to racking beam levels can change the Weight Load Limit. If racking is altered without an experienced engineer, there is a danger that the Weight Load Notice Sign is not updated accordingly.

This can then lead to unsafe working loads of the beams, and potential danger of racking collapse. Ensure all racking is altered by a professional, the weight load limit is recalculated, and the Weight Load Notice Sign is updated to reflect the changes.

Bent Beam   Rack Group Repairs
Welded Beam Unskilled Repair Example   Rack Group Repairs

Racking components not repaired properly

Repairing racking using in house teams is not necessarily a danger to the racking itself, assuming the person has the relevant skills and training to do so.

Where the risk lies is when racking components are repaired by unskilled and untrained individuals. 'Repairing' torn components by welding patches over the damage is an example of risky repairs and can lead to serious damage.

Repairs are categorised by a traffic light system, created by SEMA. Your annual racking safety inspection will identify any damage, as well as which category they call under. Make sure you follow all guidance from your inspector to keep your warehouse operational and your team safe.

How can you minimise your risk of racking collapse?

  • Make sure you use qualified installation teams to install and alter any racking systems to the manufacturers instructions
  • Book a racking safety inspection at least once a year to capture issues and damage
  • Repair damage as soon as is required, according to the SEMA traffic light coded system
  • Ensure your teams have sufficient training to know what to look for and what actions to take if they spot an issue

Visit our Maintenance & Repairs page to browse more types of racking damage, and what steps you need to take next.

Recently had an inspection? Send us your report and we can quote your repair work.

Pallet Racking Training Rack Group

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