Black Friday Deals 2022

Rack Group Black Friday deals are here!

We have some fantastic deals this year - available all week for Black Friday!

From Monday 21st November until Friday 25th November 2022, these deals are while stocks last! So hurry, once they're gone, they're gone.

This year's Black Friday deals include:

  • Rack Armour® Green
  • Discount on installation across the full polymer barrier range
  • Hi280 shelving kits at a huge discount
  • Warehouse accessories
  • Storage bins
  • Impact protection
Black Friday Deals Logo Copy
Rack Group Black Friday Deal 3 Hi280 Shelving

Huge discounts on Hi280 Shelving - **OFFER EXTENDED**


This incredible deal is available while stocks last only!

Heavy duty and versatile, the Hi280 shelving system is ideal for a wide variety of storage requirements. Quick and easy to install, with 6 adjustable shelves included in the starter kit.

Hi280 Starter Kit - includes 6 shelves - ONLY £126.60

Dimensions: 2000mm High x 900mm Wide x 600mm Deep

Extension kits available for ONLY £102.50 per bay!

Now available until 31st December 2022 while stocks last


Bonus Beaverswood Deals!

Thanks to our sister company, Beaverswood, we are able to pass on some fantastic savings on a large range of warehouse accessories - all offers now EXTENDED UNTIL 31st DECEMBER 2022!

From racksack® to floor vinyl's, anti-slip tape to ticket holders, grab yourself a bargain before they sell out!

Browse the Beaverswood Black Friday sale catalogue here.


Beaverswood Black Friday Sale 2022
Anco Black Friday Sale 2022 25% Off

EXTRA DEAL! 25% off Storage Solutions

From Friday 25th November until Friday 2nd December, you can pick up a pick bin bargain! Save on Rhino Bins, Shelf Bins, and Rivet Kits!


Save 10% on Brandsafe Impact Protection

From Friday 18th November until 31st December 2022, save 10% on supply and install with our sister company Brandsafe!

Offer includes Armco and accessories, bollards and delineators, EV charging point protection, speed bumps, and more!

Check out the full range here


Brandsafe Black Friday 2022

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Latest News

Rack Group Accessories Floor Safety Signs

Warehouse Floor Safety Signs

Ensure your warehouse floor is organised so goods and people can flor efficiently and safely. Introducing our new warehouse floor safety sticker range!

Guides Thumb

Rack Armour® Size Guide

Need help finding the Rack Armour® size for your racking? This handy size guide will help find your perfect racking upright guard. Download the guide here.

Rack Group Inspections And Training

What Does a Typical Rack Training Day Look Like

Training your employees to recognise the dangers of your pallet racks is crucial to ensuring that everyone is safe in the workplace environment.

Working in the heat, is it safe?

Summer is here!

The Great British summertime might be a little... unpredictable, at times. Sun, wind, rain, hail, and anything else mother nature sends our way. But we are usually guaranteed at least a few weeks of warmth and sunshine sometime between May and September.

If you are working outside, you might rejoice in some much-needed warmth. But what about the dangers?

We have covered the risks of winter working before, and the cold. But what about summer working, is that safe? In addition to the risks you already need to control, working outside in hot weather brings two additional hazards:

• Sun
• Heat

A bit of sunshine isn't a bad thing. And it's certainly nice to feel warm. Working outdoors can be more enjoyable in the summer. But the sun and heat can also be dangerous if we don't protect ourselves.

Working In The Heat Rack Group HSQE Bulletin 0.4
Working In The Heat Rack Group HSQE Bulletin 0.1

Sun Exposure and Working Outside

The sun can make you feel great. You might go on holiday to get even more of it. For many people, a bit of sunshine is a great thing. But top up your vitamin D and not your tan, because working outdoors can expose your skin to more sun than is good for you.
It seems easy to get caught out by the sun when working outdoors. We didn't expect it. We forgot to pack the sunscreen on our way out the door. Perhaps because heatwaves don't happen as often as we would like them in the UK. Or maybe because we have other things on our mind when we go to work.

Short term skin damage from high levels of sun exposure can cause sunburn. This can be painful and uncomfortable for weeks as skin blisters and peels. Even a gradual tan will speed up the ageing of your skin over the long term.

One of the more serious dangers of sun exposure is skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. And UV light from the sun can cause it. The British Skin Foundation says that 40,000 new cases of skin cancer are reported each year. The NHS reports that more than 100,000 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer are diagnosed each year in the UK.

Steps To Reduce Risk Of Overexposure To UV

Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is the main cause of non-melanoma skin cancer. UV light comes from the sun, as well as from artificial tanning sunbeds and sunlamps.

As an outdoor worker, it is hard to completely avoid the sun when it's out. But you can take steps to protect your skin and avoid over-exposure. This will lower your risks from some of the more harmful effects:

• Stay in the shade when possible
• Use a high factor sunscreen on any exposed skin (the higher the SPF the better)
• Re-apply sunscreen throughout the day
• Wear a hat
• Wear a top and clothing that covers the skin (especially any areas without sunscreen)
• Take regular breaks out of the sun

Working In The Heat Rack Group HSQE Bulletin 0.5
Working In The Heat Rack Group HSQE Bulletin 0.2

Working In The Heat And Heat Stress

This is the UK. How hot does it really get? Is heat a real problem? Well, yes. Especially at work. Because you're not on holiday, able to cool off in the pool or an airconditioned hotel room (unless you happen to be working on a holiday resort).

You're at work. You might be doing a really intense physical task, which is hard enough in a cool environment. Add extra heat to the mix, you're going to get hot and sweaty. You might need to wear extra PPE to protect you from other hazards of the job, which might prevent you from sweating properly and cooling off.

“Heat stress occurs when the body’s means of controlling its internal temperature starts to fail. As well as air temperature, factors such as work rate, humidity and clothing worn while working may lead to heat stress. Therefore, it may not be obvious to someone passing through the workplace that there is a risk of heat stress."
HSE Heat stress

And heat stress can be serious. It can make you feel unwell, lack concentration, get muscle cramps, faint. You can develop heat exhaustion, feeling tired and sick, get a headache and feel clammy. At its most serious, heat stroke can bring confusion, convulsions, loss of consciousness and can even be fatal.

Working Outside In The Heat

If you are working outside in the heat, you can take steps to minimise the risk of heat stress and keep cool. Here are some top tips:
• Keep hydrated
• Regular breaks
• Cool down
• Work in the shade
• Plan your work

First, stay hydrated. Cold drinks will both keep you cool and replace the water lost through sweating. You should take regular breaks out of the sun and heat, to give your body a chance to cool down and recover.

If you can work in the shade where it is cooler, do so. You can also plan your work so that more intensive tasks take place early or late when the temperature is lower.
You made need to make extra allowances. Particularly during longer spells of hot weather. Like specialist PPE to keep you cool and safe. Or installing fans and air conditioning in break areas.

Be especially careful if you're not used to working in hot environments. Your body needs time to adjust to working in the heat. If a sudden heatwave arrives, give yourself time to get used to working in hot weather. Be extra careful the first few days.

Working In The Heat Rack Group HSQE Bulletin 0.6

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Rack Group now stock top racking manufacturers

Racking stock update

Rack Group now stock large quantities of the top racking manufacturers including:

  • AR Racking
  • Link 51
  • PSS
  • Cornix
  • Dexion

Pre-order full bays or individual components, available with installation or supply only.


Get in touch with our team today for more information.

Rack Group Top Racking Manufacturer Stockists

Link 51

We have Link 51 racking IN STOCK ready to be shipped. There is currently a 13 week lead time direct from the manufacturer, but Rack Group can deliver the following components NEXT DAY.

Current stock includes:

  • Shelving - available assembled or in kit
    • 2400 x 300
    • 2400 x 500
    • 2400 x 600

APR PALLET RACKING - available assembled or in kit

  • Uprights
    • 900 E / S
    • 1350 E / S
    • 2250 E / H / M / S
    • 4500 H
    • 5250 H
    • 6450 H
  • Beams
    • 2700 x 105
    • 2650 x 120
    • 2670 x 120
    • 2700 x 120


Current stock includes:

  • Frames
    • 6300 x 900 M
    • 3900 x 900 M
    • 8400 x 900 M
    • 9600 x 900 M
  • Beams
    • 2700 x 110
  • Baseplates
    • S/M/H


Current stock includes:

  • Beams
    • 2700 x 110
    • 2250 x 100
  •  Uprights
    • 4050 2KL85 3.0L
    • 4650 2KL85 3.0L
    • 5250 2KL85 3.0L
  • Bracing
    • 787HC / 827OL PG
    • 907HC / 947OL PG
    • 1048HC / 1188OL

AR Racking

Current stock includes:

  • Frames
    • 6000 x 900 XS20
    • 8500 x 900 M
  • Beams
    • 2700 x 110 2000kg
    • 2700 x 150 3000kg

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IWS Group Announces Acquisition of Anco Storage Equipment Ltd

Anco Storage Equipment Ltd Joins IWS Group

We’re very excited to announce our parent company, IWS Group, has acquired Anco Storage Equipment Ltd, the largest trade-only supplier of storage solutions in the UK.

Established in 1991 in West Sussex, Anco has gained an enviable reputation for quality and service at a competitive price. Exclusively through its trade-only distribution channel, Anco offers an extensive range of over 7,000 variations of products, covering all kinds of applications from industrial racking, multi-tier projects and mezzanine flooring, to office archive storage and modular shelving. Anco stores over £3M worth of stock in their warehouse to facilitate quick turn-around times on orders.

What does this mean for Rack Group and its Customers?

Anco and its wealth of storage solutions is the perfect complement to IWS Group’s growing portfolio of innovative industrial workspace brands. This acquisition will no doubt further strengthen our product offering, resource, infrastructure, and capability, to provide our Rack Group customers not only an enhanced range offering, but provides a whole new category of products and services available to you.

Anco Now Part Of IWS Group

The IWS Group Family

About IWS Group

IWS Group is a rapidly growing family of market-leading product brands and service companies which provide essential supplies and services to the warehouse and logistics, material handling, and industrial sectors.

The group portfolio currently includes Beaverswood, Brandsafe, Rack Group, and now Anco.


About Beaverswood

Beaverswood manufactures innovative products that improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the physical workspace. The Beaverswood range of warehouse safety and management products includes labelling and signage, recycling solutions, identification products and visual communication solutions.


About Brandsafe

Brandsafe is Europe’s leading provider of high visibility impact protection and site safety for industrial buildings worldwide, such as warehouses, manufacturing sites and logistics hubs.

Its  innovative traffic management and pedestrian safety solutions are designed to sustainably prevent and protect people, products and property from impact damage.


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A new solution for end of aisle communication

NEW shadow boards now available!

Rack Group are excited to announce a new product as part of our growing Warehouse Accessories range! Introducing the Modulean® Rack End Boards - these large shadow boards are designed for warehouse end of aisle racking systems.

Keep your warehouse organised with NEW Modulean® Rack End Boards

  • A range of standard 2000mm high x 900mm wide boards available
  • Suitable for all types of warehouse racking
  • Supplied with all products on display
  • Available with either single or double aisle markers
  • Each board is also supplied with a weight load notice


Modulean Rack End Boards 7 Varieties To Choose
Modulean Rack End Board

Available in 7 shadow board designs, each in 4 different colours

Being 2000mm high x 900mm wide, these Rack End Boards have been designed to fit warehouse end of aisle racking systems. 1100mm wide boards are also available to order to suit both sizes of pallet racking.

Each board is available with either single or double aisle markers, with easy to change inserts customised for your warehouse. Simply let us know what aisle information you need.

Supplied with the products on display including a title frame, as well as fixings, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to install a Modulean® Rack End Board.

To help you comply with regulations, a weight load notice is also included with each board, which are mandatory for all racking. Weight load notices can be printed with weight limits and information – please confirm the details you need printed. If no information is received these will be supplied blank for you to add your information using a marker pen.

Modulean Rack End Boards Brochure Download

Speak to a member of the team today.

New USA Master Distributor for Rack Armour

Rack Group have signed Lean Inc. as the Master Distributor for Rack Armour upright protection guards across the USA and Canada.


Rack Armour has been a brand sold across the USA and Canada since it’s US patent in 2012. Since then the unique polymer racking upright protection guard has grown in popularity thanks to its ballistics-grade exterior and impact absorbing foam interior.

Based in Anaheim, California, Lean Inc Materials Handling specialise in racking alterations, repairs and designing efficient warehouse layouts. Lean Inc also supply a range of racking protection products that complement the racking installation services they offer.

Stuart Ovington, Managing Director at Rack Group says “Bringing Lean Inc on board as the Master Distributor is an exciting next step for growing our Rack Armour brand in the USA. We will be able to streamline our operations and ensure our customers receive a fast and reliable service."

Lean Inc Logo
Lean Inc HQ

Ted Gallardo, General Manager, Lean Inc. said "Here at Lean Inc. we're excited to be named master dealer for The Rack Group for the U.S. and Canada and we look forward to increasing service levels and expanding the market for Rack Armour rack protection and The Rack Group in North America."

For more information, contact Ted on 1-888-310-0008 ext. 1, or email

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Is your warehouse 100% safe? Webinar

Safe Industrial And Rack Group Webinar

The Ultimate Guide to Racking Safety Audits

This is where the safety Webinar on ‘Is Your Warehouse 100% Safe? The Ultimate Guide to Racking Safety Audits’ will take place - at 2pm on 18th May 2022!

Has auditing become a lengthy, over-complicated process?

Graeme Waller, (Training Manager at Rack Group,) and Kirsty Rogers, (Managing Director at Specialist Industrials Ltd,) will discuss how to organise, plan and successfully execute your warehouse safety audit - making audits faster and easier.

This Webinar supplies all the need-to-know basics in just a 30 minute live conference, complete with a live Q&A so you can speak directly to the experts about your specific issues.

Register your FREE place here.

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Safety & Health Expo 2022

Safety & Health Expo May 17-19 2022

Come and join us at Safety & Health Expo May 2022

Join Rack Group, Beaverswood and Brandsafe as we exhibit for the first time as IWS Group!

The Safety & Health Expo is the UK's largest event for health and safety professionals and is where tens of thousands of health and safety professionals come together to innovate, collaborate, and fulfil their goals.

Tickets are free, get yours today.


17 - 19 May 2022


ExCeL London

Stand location

Visit us at Stand SH1450 at the Safety and Health Expo 2022

Come and have a chat with the group's experts about our extensive range of products and services, including:

  • Racking repairs and maintenance
  • Safety inspections
  • Training courses
  • Impact protection
  • Security caging
  • Traffic management
  • Racking protection
  • Racking installations
  • Warehouse waste segregation
  • Labelling and warehouse identification
  • Floor markings
  • Shadow and vis comms boards

Visit our stand and experience the IWS Group VIRTUAL WAREHOUSE.

We can't wait to see you there!

Safety & Health Expo 2022

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Discontinued racking line: Premierack PR95

PSS Premierack PR95

Discontinued racking

Due to low demand, PSS has decided to discontinue their Premierack PR95 pallet rack system effective 31st March 2022.

Spares can be ordered before the deadline, however new components for the Premierack PR 95 pallet rack system will be unavailable to purchase after this time.

Customers can prolong the life of their existing Premierack PR95 racking with our FURS (Front Upright Reinforcement Section) repair service.

The FURS system replaces only the damaged portion of the racking upright, reducing repair costs as well as reinforcing the upright for greater longevity.

If you need advice on what you can do with your Premierack PR95 racking, get in touch with our team on 01226 78 44 88 or email

Read more about our repair and maintenance services here.

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New Senior Leadership to drive growth at Rack Group

Rack Group New MD Stuart Ovington

Industrial racking services specialist Rack Group has appointed two senior executives as we continue to invest in strategic growth across UK and international operations.

Stuart Ovington has been appointed as managing director of our Barnsley-based company. Stuart brings over 20 years’ senior management and sales experience to the role, joining from a ship safety company. He will be responsible for leading Rack Group as we continue to develop and grow throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

Angela Pearson joins the company as key account manager, with extensive new business skills and sales expertise. Angela will oversee customer growth and lead the company’s development as a go-to solutions provider for racking services.

The appointments come as the Rack Group, part of IWS Group, has continued to maintain a strong performance during the pandemic. The company has ambitious plans for growth in 2022, investing in resources and high-quality industrial racking services across the UK with a network of international distributors for its range of impact protection solutions.

Stuart Ovington said:

“It’s a really exciting time to join. We have a great team who are passionate about delivering fantastic results this year and beyond. In the coming months, we will be unveiling our new branding, as well as a new website.

We have a great advantage of being able to offer complete solutions for companies with storage equipment, as well as manufacturing our own range of impact protection guards and barriers. This end-to-end service makes us unique and unrivalled in the industry. Customers looking for added value expertise and quality products come to us as their one-stop-shop.”

Jeroen Van Den Berge, director of IWS Group, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Stuart and Angela to the Rack Group team. They will be a tremendous asset with their insight, experience and expertise, helping to drive excellent results for the growing IWS Group and secure our position as a leading solutions supplier to warehouse, storage and logistics sectors.”

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