Rack Armour® Size Guide

Find the Rack Armour® fit for your racking

This handy guide lists the most popular types of racking, along with the size of Rack Armour® that is the best match.

Rack Armour® is the original upright protection against impact damage. Patented in 18 countries around the world and impact tested to FEM 10.2.02 international standards.

The unique design has a dual function to combat impact damage to racking uprights. The rounded shape deflects collisions, with the interior foam absorbing any transferred impact.

Made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), Rack Armour® guards are durable and extremely effective in preventing damage to uprights.


Which Rack Armour® size do I need?

Rack Armour® comes in various sizes to fit most types of racking uprights.

EURO A - fits racking fronts up to 87mm

EURO B - fits racking fronts up to 100mm

EURO C - fits racking fronts up to 120mm

Available in a range of striking, high visibility colours that are easily detectable to prevent impact before it occurs. Why not organise your warehouse with our traffic light bundles!

Fully recyclable and non-toxic. The original Rack Armour® is suitable for use in food production facilities and freezer environments down to -40°C.

Can't find your racking type? We can still help find the right Rack Armour® size for you. Simply drop us a message with your racking type, dimensions or photos.

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What you need to know about rack guards

Even if we employ the safest of measures, accidents still happen, especially when taking a look at industrial storage. From drops to impacts, many things can happen that will damage your things, but of course, this doesn't mean you should do nothing about it. You should still implement as many safety precautions as possible to protect your items. This can reduce the risk of damage and even the severity of damage if it does occur.

That said, if you are using racks for storage, you should also consider protecting them to ensure your system lasts as long as possible. How, you ask? With rack guards of course!

What Are Rack Guards?

Rack guards are a form of protection that you can often find on the front uprights of racks and other storage units. They generally come in several different forms and can be  attached directly to the racking, or installed on the floor directly in front of the rack. They are usually made from rubber, plastic, or metal and are designed to protect the rack from damage, whether it be from physical impact (drops, bumps, etc.),  acting as a visual warning before impact occurs, or even protecting from damage caused by liquids or chemicals.

Rack guards are also a great way of protecting the items  on the rack, as they can  be installed at the back of each beam level to prevent pallets being pushed too far.

What Kind of Rack Guards Are There?

Rack guards can come in many different shapes and sizes, but there are three main types that are the most common:

Rack End Guards - These are placed on the ends of rack enclosures, and they can be made of polyethylene, steel, or a combination of the two. These are made to  act as a visual signal to warehouse operators and absorb any impact that occurs, protecting the rack from direct damage.

Edge Guards - These are accessories that are installed on the front uprights of the rack enclosure. They are also made from polymer or metal and are intended to protect the rack and its contents from damage from pallets being moved on and off the rack.

Rail Guards – These are components that are attached to the floor in front of a racking bay, or even at the back of beams, and are often made from polymer. They are designed to prevent forklift trucks and other material handling equipment from pushing pallets too far into the rack.

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What Are the Benefits of Rack Guards?

Rack guards are a great way of protecting your items from damage. Whether it's from bumps or drops, from environmental factors, or simply from a little bit of wear and tear, these guards can really protect your investment.  They not only protect your assets from damage, they protect your warehouse operators from injury caused by damaged racking collapsing.

What Are the Drawbacks of Rack Guards?

The only real drawback of rack guards is that they can be expensive. They can add quite a bit to the overall cost of your unit, so it's important to make sure they are worth the investment. However, if you plan on keeping the rack for a long time and will be using other enclosures to protect your items, they can be a great way to protect your investment and can even help you save money in the long run!


Rack guards are a great way to protect the items within your rack, as well as the unit itself. If you are looking to protect and prolong the life of your equipment, be sure to take a look at rack guards! There are many rack guard solutions out there, so understand what they offer, how much they cost andhow you can install them to protect your assets before you make your decision. Some rack guard suppliers will even offer a free or reduced price sample of the guard for you to try before you buy.

Rack Group is a provider of UK warehouse racking solutions, offering repairs, protection, inspections, and more to help companies save money. If you are looking for rack guards, browse our full range online now.

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New USA Master Distributor for Rack Armour

Rack Group have signed Lean Inc. as the Master Distributor for Rack Armour upright protection guards across the USA and Canada.


Rack Armour has been a brand sold across the USA and Canada since it’s US patent in 2012. Since then the unique polymer racking upright protection guard has grown in popularity thanks to its ballistics-grade exterior and impact absorbing foam interior.

Based in Anaheim, California, Lean Inc Materials Handling specialise in racking alterations, repairs and designing efficient warehouse layouts. Lean Inc also supply a range of racking protection products that complement the racking installation services they offer.

Stuart Ovington, Managing Director at Rack Group says “Bringing Lean Inc on board as the Master Distributor is an exciting next step for growing our Rack Armour brand in the USA. We will be able to streamline our operations and ensure our customers receive a fast and reliable service."

Lean Inc Logo
Lean Inc HQ

Ted Gallardo, General Manager, Lean Inc. said "Here at Lean Inc. we're excited to be named master dealer for The Rack Group for the U.S. and Canada and we look forward to increasing service levels and expanding the market for Rack Armour rack protection and The Rack Group in North America."

For more information, contact Ted on 1-888-310-0008 ext. 1, or email leads@leanracking.com

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5 Ways to prolong the life of your racking

5 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Racking

How to prolong the life of your racking

Let’s face it, storage equipment doesn’t come cheap. Racking plays an essential role in keeping your warehouse operational, yet can also be the reason why you encounter disruptions and down time. This article delves into some of the ways you can get the most out of your racking, ensuring it lasts for years to come.

Racking has a very important job to do. Storage equipment is designed to hold tremendous amounts of warehouse stock. This stock is precious, as are your people who work in and around it. It’s also a huge investment for your business. Whether you choose to buy brand new, or source some quality second-hand systems, you’ll want to prolong the life of your racking for as long as possible to get a good ROI.

If well maintained, industrial storage equipment can last for years and years. This of course depends on how busy your warehouse is, the types of products you are storing, and the environment your racking is stored. It also depends on how well you treat it.

This brings us to our first tip on how to prolong the life of your racking:

1. Make sure your warehouse operators are fully (and regularly) trained

This may sound obvious but the main source of damage to racking is due to impact from Material Handling Equipment such as forklift trucks. This seems like a sensible place to start when looking at ways to prolong the life of your storage equipment. Ensure your teams are not only trained when they join your company, but have regular refresher training to keep their skills sharp.

It’s also important to ensure your team is confident working with the racking itself. One example could be with the weight load limits on your particular type of pallet racking. Displaying weight load notices at the end of every aisle of racking enables your team to quickly check limits and ensure they are followed. Overloading racking, or storing pallets with uneven distribution of weights is one way storage systems can be weakened, potentially leading to racking collapse.

So, you’ve had your racking installed by a top-notch team of qualified installers, your MHE drivers are fully trained and your stock is safely loaded. It’s now time to talk about protecting that lovely new racking installation of yours. As the classic saying goes, prevention is cheaper than the cure. Which brings us to tip number two:

Installations Rack Group
Rack Armour Racking Protection

2. Protect racking uprights before damage occurs with guards

Whether you prefer metal guards, or hard-wearing polymer guards, choosing to protect your racking uprights will save you money in the long-run. Guards can cost as little as £10 each, protecting the most vulnerable part of the upright. In comparison, a full upright replacement can cost up to £500.

Racking upright guards can perform for many years, being replaced only when repeated or major impact has occurred, making them a cost-effective option. Not only do they protect the upright from most types of impact damage, they also act as a visual deterrent to MHE operators. Usually sold in bright yellow colours, the upright guards signal a hazard to drivers whilst they move around the warehouse.

There are also other types of protection systems you can utilise to prolong the life of your racking, which brings us to tip number three:

3. Install racking protection barriers in high-risk zones

The end of racking aisles can be particularly vulnerable areas for racking damage. Warehouse vehicles will often turn tightly down aisles, causing impact to occur. Our next tip to prolong your racking involves installing impact protection barriers in these high-risk zones.

End of aisle barriers absorb and deflect impact, and come in all sorts of styles and materials. Choose the best option for your warehouse depending on the type of vehicles in operation and the type of racking you have. You should also factor in the amount of maintenance that might be required for certain types of barriers. If contact occurs with painted metal barriers, for example, the barriers will require frequent re-painting to ensure they remain highly visible and keeps your warehouse looking clean and tidy.

With your barriers and guards in place, it’s now time for tip number four:

Rack End Barrier Rack Group
Inspections Rack Group

4. Regularly inspect your racking for signs of damage or safety issues

UK guidelines recommend employers conduct regular and annual racking safety inspections. By checking over racking regularly, and reporting damage straightaway, you’re not only meeting these guidelines, but you’re also helping to prolong the life of your racking.

In busy warehouses, frequent little knocks to racking can go unnoticed. Large pallets of stock can also obscure some areas of damage. Ensuring your team routinely checks over your racking for defects means any potential issues can be flagged and action can be taken. This might be to unload the racking bay and carry out urgent repair work, which leads us into our final tip:

5. Repair damage to racking quickly to reduce serious consequences

The level of damage to racking uprights, bracing or beams is often categorised as a traffic light system by SEMA. Green signals that the damage should be monitored but no immediate action is required. Amber risk signals a hazard that requires action as soon as possible. Damaged categorised as a red risk requires immediate action as the damage is considered very serious.

The level of damage will prioritise which repair work needs to be carried out first. Staying on top of repair and maintenance work will help reduce repair bills long-term as some green or amber hazards may develop into red risk hazards, which are more costly than smaller repairs. Ignoring repair work won’t make the damage go away. Make sure you’re taking all the steps to prevent catastrophic accidents involving collapsed racking, and prolong your racking for as long as possible.

Racking Repairs & Maintenance Rack Group

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Rack Armour Warehouse Clearance Deals

Rack Armour Warehouse Clearance Deals

Rack Group have amazing deals on Rack Armour at LESS THAN HALF PRICE thanks to our warehouse clearance deals.

Create one way systems down aisles with our Traffic Light Bundles or save even more with our Used Rack Armour stock.

Protect your racking uprights with a simple, cost-effective product that acts as the first line of defence against impact damage. Rack Armour comes in multiple widths and heights to ensure the best fit for all types of racking.

Polymer Column Guards are also on offer - available from only £80 each.

Column Guards protect against forklift truck damage to warehouse structures. Easy to install and available in two sizes, these hard-wearing impact protection guards are designed to last for years to come.

Available while stocks last and when they're gone, they're gone!

Download the sale brochure here.



Rack Group Rack Armour Warehouse Clearance Sale

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